Meet Our Team

  • Jamie Campo
    Director of Catering

    Stumbling into catering right out of culinary school, he knew that he had found his home! Jamie loves the excitement of a large event in motion and the satisfaction of seeing people delighted with the food and atmosphere our team has created. At the end of the day it’s about making people happy. He is grateful for a career that let’s him embrace the things he loves most: people and food!

  • Laurent Vailly
    Executive Chef

    Laurent Vailly was born in Paris and moved to Burgundy at an early age. As a child, he helped his
    mother to cook for the family. Occasionally, lambs and pigs were butchered on the property, which led to the beginning of Laurent’s education in making pâtés and sausages.

    Laurent attended the culinary school in Paris, and worked for “Le Vivarois,” a 3-star Michelin
    restaurant. Following his military service, he started traveling the world, working in Tahiti,
    Canada, England, Holland and Sweden. He then moved to London to work for a French restaurant where
    he met his wife, and soon opened two delicatessens, where all food was made on the premises.
    But a great career opportunity came along that led them to move to California…

    After more than 30 years in the kitchen, Laurent still finds it exciting! The best part of his job
    is learning something new every day, such as new culinary trends (such as molecular cooking), sustainability issues, and how to adapt gourmet restaurant experience to corporate dining.

    650- 225-3588

  • Sue Truoccolo
    Operations Manager

    Sue Truoccolo was born and raised in San Francisco. Coming from a line of chefs and a family that loves to cook she didn’t realize that her first job in the restaurant industry at the age of 15 would lead to her career. Food brings people together whether it is for business, social, special occasions or a gathering with family or friends. Sue loves to entertain as much as she loves working with people.

    Working for Bon Appetit as a General Manager at Genentech has been the perfect fit for Sue as they have taken corporate food service to another level. She is proud to work with such talented chefs while embracing Bon Appetit’s culture in cooking from scratch, practicing sustainability, purchasing from local vendors and their awareness in nutrition and their respect for farm workers and animals. In a nutshell it’s a very rewarding job.

    (650) 467-7771

  • Yoel Cohen
    Director of Operations

    Yoel’s family history has shaped his love of food from a young age. Born in California, he and his family moved to Israel when he was a teen. Yoel’s family roots tie to Tunisia and Morocco with both sides of the family bringing a rich Mediterranean cooking style to the home. Turmeric, cardamom, dates, nuts, peppers, olive oil and legumes were all part of the ingredients found in his families recipes and some of the first flavors to inspire Yoel’s passion for cooking.
    Landing his first restaurant job at a pizzeria while still in high school, he found himself experimenting with ingredients to develop dishes not found on the menu. Soon after high school Yoel enrolled in Culinary School to pursue his growing love of food. Continuing his love of food, Yoel worked in various restaurants before joining the culinary team on the Genentech campus, where he has worked for the past 13 years in various roles such as Café Exec Chef, Corp Exec Chef, Food Safety Specialist, and Operations Manager.
    Yoel’s current roll is as Director of Operations for Genentech where he works to ensure the success of the of the Bon Appétit food program. Yoel follows two mottos in life and in the kitchen “be like a sponge” you should never stop absorbing new ideas, and “be like a duck” sometimes it’s important to just let it roll off your back and continue moving forward.

    (650) 467-7870

  • Oscar Matute
    Executive Chef

    Being a chef means taking on the challenge of transforming ingredients into amazing meals every day. It doesn’t matter how simple the ingredient, there is always a way to make it an appetizing dish.
    I enjoy spending time in my organic garden, teaching my daughters how to naturally grow vegetables, without any chemicals, and to understand what it takes and how long it takes for a tomato to grow. Growing my own vegetables helps me appreciate my ingredients.
    As a professional chef, my goal is to be environmental conscious by creating dishes using seasonal ingredients, humanly grown meats, organic vegetables, and following the principles of Bon Appétit, especially the seafood watch program.
  • Jenem-Martin
  • Jenem Martin
    Executive Chef

    Jenem was born in Manila, Philippines and moved to San Francisco when he was 7 years old. His Mother was a single parent working the night shift, so cooking became more about survival. When his 10 year old brother would create culinary concoctions at home they always thought that his brother would have become the chef, but the family soon realized that spam and rice wasn’t going to impress anyone.
    Jenem never thought of pursuing a career in food, but in order to earn money for school he took a part time job doing kitchen work. At 16 years old he slowly learned the basics of cooking and continued to work in foodservice throughout high school. After graduation, Jenem was accepted to art school for Advertising, but instead took college classes in biology and anatomy in order to focus his career somewhere in medicine. It wasn’t until he was a sophomore when he realized that cooking was his passion. It was the perfect balance of science and art in which he really thrived.
    Jenem then took different jobs in catering and restaurants. Graduated from culinary school at age 21 and quickly became the Executive Chef of a small Huntington Beach restaurant. After three years it was time to return to his home, San Francisco when he discovered the Genentech culinary program. Jenem had found a place with a perfect canvas for expression in different types of cuisines and cooking techniques. In his personal culinary adventure Jenem continues to grow as a chef and enjoys sharing his developed passion with his staff and his guests.

  • nodal_headshot
  • Jaime Nodal
    Chef Manager

    Oakland native Jaime Nodal started his culinary career like so many others – in the dish room. Displaying an early talent for cooking, Jaime worked his way up to chef and spent time in a number of Bay Area kitchens.
    Two years ago, Jaime joined Bon Appétit and loves sharing with guests his passion for food – especially Mexican and Italian cuisines. He is still inspired by his favorite kitchen memory: peeking out from the kitchen into the dining room early in his career and watching guests enjoy his food.
  • chavez_headshot
  • Ramon Chavez

    Since an early age I’ve been interested in cooking and have had lots of hands on experience. Started as a sandwich maker and became a manager at the age of 19 and never stopped.
    Being able to write your own menus within sustainable sourcing guidelines gives a creative chef free rein to produce the best and most healthful food for the season and area.
    Throughout high school, I worked in several café and restaurants. From a cashier all the way to a management, I loved cooking for people and making them happy. I also enjoy being a manager as I can interact with the customer and get direct feedback to better their future experience.
    I started working in the food industry 23 years ago and haven’t looked back since. I have worked at few well known cafés/restaurants before coming on board with Bon Appétit.
    I enjoy reading cookbooks, and “trying” to recreate the delicious recipe as I imagined it in my head.