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Get ready for the burger of the future!


We are the first food service company in the nation to offer the Impossible Burger, a burger that tastes like beef but is made entirely from plants. The Impossible Burger is available only at a handful of select restaurants headed by celebrity chefs, including Bon Appétit’s own Public House in San Francisco.
In June, we will begin offering it in limited quantities to our guests at Genentech. (Additional rollouts may follow.) Above and beyond its meaty taste, texture, and juiciness, which has wowed renowned chefs like Traci Des Jardins (with whom we have been partnering) and David Chang, the burger helps us further our commitment to sustainability. Like Bon Appétit Management Company, Impossible Foods takes environmental stewardship seriously. The Impossible Burger uses 95% less land, 74% less water, and creates 87% lower greenhouse gas emissions than a burger made from cows.


The burger is made from wheat protein, potato protein, coconut oil, and heme, the natural molecule that gives meat its color and flavor. It contains gluten and soy. Though it is plant-based, it’s intended for people who love meat.


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